2 contrasting piece selections with choice from either of 4 periods – Baroque, Classical, Romantic., Contemporary

Guitar, Ukulele (soloists ONLY)

2 contrasting pieces - of competitor's choice.

Piece can be an original composition, the other music from a well known artist or composer

[See time limit guidelines Competition Division – Junior, Young Artist, Virtuoso]

Music choice can be Rock, pop, classical, folk, or whatever song you love


Guitar: Acoustic steel string and classical guitars are acceptable. (no electric guitars or amps.

No other sound producing instruments may be used. Nylon-String Baritone classical guitars and Terz guitars are acceptable.

While the spirit of this competition is to be inclusive, we encourage competitors to play with right-hand fingertips/fingernails and not plectrums (picks)



Two contrasting selections – Choose from below list suggestions

Classical- a composition from an art song, aria, or oratorio in any language.

Musical Theatre- A song from a Broadway musical or well-known musical theatre production.
Examples: Home-The Wiz the Musical or Dein Blaues Auge-Johannes Brahms

Contemporary -Jazz; Rhythm and Blues Standard jazz tune with your own improvisation

Rhythm and Blues- a tune from a well-known artist or band or a transcription of a well-known
solo artist. Examples: Take the A train- Ella Fitzgerald or Only girl in the world-Rihanna

Gospel - Negro Spiritual;

Negro spiritual- a standard negro spiritual/hymn with your own improvisation or arrangement

Traditional- a standard gospel song with your own arrangement/ improvisation.

Contemporary- an urban gospel song with your own improvisation.

Examples: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child- Harry Burleigh or Change me-Tamela Mann

Indie/Folk : Indie/folk- A tune from a well-known artist or band or a transcription of a well-known solo artist.

Example: I will wait- Mumford and sons

Originals: No longer than 2-3 minutes, May be performed with an instrument such as: guitar or piano.
Genres include: Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Indie/folk, Jazz, Musical theatre, and Pop.